We'll i went to check e-mails this morning and everything usual ritual in the morning lol

I went looking at some of the escorts around my area to offer photos ect as im currantly borrowing my mates d1300 nikon camera! and i came across Adams neice on there!! well i wet myself laughing at the screen cose i really cannot stand her after all the shit that fucking brat spread about me in town and things cose i was dating Adam i sent her an e-mail after changing my profile slightly and said hello Alana how are you? i didnt know you where a escort on this site? butter wouldnt melt my fucking ass! and i havent heard anything back off her and looked at here profile to see that she no longer has a picture up pmsl, i see shes had a few clients though bless shes been on there a while i wounder if her girlfriend knew oohh maybe thats why they split up? oh makes me wounder now lmao

Bet her mummy dear doesnt know her little girl is a little whore, who charges men only 60 an hour! ha ha lov it and she had the cheek to slag me off to Adam and everyone and make out im a whore! well at least i admit im one :P and i have more fun with it and i charge more than she does ;)


Me and Jamie had an interesting conversation last night it was one of those im depressed, No-one cares about me and i miss and love Adam dearly while Jamies going you can do better i care about you ect

Which really did make me feel 10times better after i sobbed my heart out to him via msn lol

I told him i was scared because i dont know why i miss him so much im not supposed to feel like that and he said he misses me alot too and im scared i know where this is leading to which means i am going to have to run a mile in the oppersite direction because i know how it will end and i know i will be the one in tears because were just friends :'(

And i dont really want more than that right now i truely dont but my heart is saying other things because he is so nice to me and thats the trouble when you have had so many troubles ect right? :(